Me, Salvatore

Continuously looking for new flavors that intertwine perfectly with my origins, with my island, creating something authentic and never banal.
– Chef Salvatore Aprea – 

After finishing his studies, the desire for new experiences leads Salvatore 'off the island'.

 At the “Hotel De Russie” in Rome under the guidance of chef Nazzareno Menghini, master and friend who for 3 long years of training, hard work and rigid quality standards allowed us to learn the secrets of a traditional but refined cuisine, cultivating friendships and professional bonds that are still consolidated today.

Beyond talent and passion

After Rome, the return to the island of Capri, in the kitchen at the very popular restaurant “Lido del Faro” and then set off again towards California for a 3-month training experience . An international path that opens the doors to a prompt return to Italy and to a great professional opportunity under the guidance of chef Valentino Marcatillii at the “San Domenico” restaurant in Imola, 2 Michelin stars and a true institution in the haute cuisine sector where Chef Salvatore Aprea leaves “nu piezz’ e core”.

Go back home

In 2013 here was the opportunity to return to his beloved island of Capri and take back the reins of the historic family restaurant, the “Da Tonino” restaurant, thus starting a great adventure that the chef still successfully keeps alive today and which he wants to convey through his dishes. A new cooking philosophy that embraces the culinary culture of the area but with great attention to new flavors and seasonal products that can combine and create something unique. An elegant location, immersed in the greenery and nature of Capri which fascinates with its beauty with its beautiful vegetable garden, to then enrich a new taste experience with the wine cellar largest on the island, housing around 2200 labels from all over the world.

Despite a cuisine strongly linked to the territory, this has not quelled the desire to be able to travel and explore new culinary horizons. During the winter breaks we always take the opportunity to gain experience, like the one in 2017 at Eleven Madison Park in New York, the first restaurant in the world for the “50th best restaurant in the world” or like the one developed from 2022 to today thanks to the community “Les Collectionneurs“, a fantastic sector group with professionals and catering facilities throughout Europe. A path crowned over the years by numerous awards such as the inclusion of his restaurant in the prestigious Michelin Guide in 2016 and in 2022 with the awarding of 3 hats in the restaurant guide > L’Espresso.